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TushCush FAQ

Will riding with a TushCush improve my sexual health?


You bet!

Many riders experience genital pain, discomfort, and/or chafing from riding on a bicycle seat. Unfortunately, these side effects can put the kibosh on sexual activity.

At PIXI, we believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between the workout you love and the person you love. This is one of many reasons we highly recommend riding with a TushCush.

The TushCush provides discreet extra cushioning that helps prevent genital pain and discomfort caused by riding on a bike seat. We carefully designed the TushCush to hide seams to prevent chafing, and we use only the softest CoolMax(R) fabric to keep you comforted and cool.

Go ahead, #protectyourpeach 🍑

Do I need a TushCush if I’m numb “down there” anyway?


Hello? …Anybody home down there?

Many new riders experience genital pain when they begin riding, but over time that pain seems to lessen. While the lowered sensitivity may seem like a blessing, it can sometimes be an indication of something more serious, like nerve damage.

Genital numbness and genital desensitization caused by nerve damage can have detrimental and lasting effects on women riders that extends beyond your ride time.

Just think about it this way: If you’re numb down there while you’re on the bike, you might be numb down there when you’d prefer not to be… you know, during other activities 😉

Clinical researchers are currently studying the effects of riding without proper protection from the bike seat, but in the meantime get yourself a TushCush and #protectyourpeach!

If you’d like to learn more about the outcomes of existing research, check out these studies:

Can I wear the TushCush in my yoga pants?


PIXI bottoms + TushCush = Match made in heaven.

We have designed the TushCush and PIXI bottoms to work together perfectly in order to achieve the best possible performance, style, and comfort for all riders.

This means that our TushCush fits and secures into all PIXI bottoms in a way that is not possible in a general athletic legging.

Do I wear underwear with the TushCush?


Just say no to undies 🙅🏽

Did you know that riding while wearing underwear can actually cause bunching, discomfort and chaffing? Ouch!

That’s why we designed the TushCush to be worn without underwear.

We took special care when designing the TushCush to hide seams and soften edges. This way you’ll get the best ride of your life without the rub.

Trust us, it feels GREAT riding without underwear. And when you’re done, just remove the TushCush and enjoy a little commando time in our super breathable PIXI leggings.

Your hoo will thank you.

Can I use chamois cream with the TushCush?



We recommend using chamois cream or a women’s riding lubricant for rides longer than 45 minutes.

While the TushCush helps by adding extra cushioning and protection from the bike seat, a chamois cream will be especially helpful for avoiding chafing caused by skin-to-skin friction areas.

How does the TushCush stay in place?


The TushCush secures removably to our Ride & Rec Leggings like removable bra straps attach to a convertible bra.

We wanted this feature to be familiar to women, and that is why we choose bra-inspired findings for the attachments. These fasteners are protected by fabric and do not cause chafing.

When the TushCush is secured to the legging, it moves with you as you cycle and stand up on the bike.

The contoured TushCush hugs and moves with you in a way that is superior to free-floating removable pads and the sewn-in pads of traditional cycling bottoms.

Will anyone be able to tell that I’m wearing the TushCush?


Ahem, my eyes are up here…⬆️

We designed the TushCush to be ultra discreet so it’s no more visible than underwear lines.

Unlike diaper-like traditional cycling pads, we designed the TushCush to be contoured to your body. This way it provides more cushioning in the areas where you need it most and has a tapered soft edge that blends with your natural curves.

How do I care for the TushCush?


Pop them in the wash!

The TushCush, legging, and mesh bag can be machine-washed on cold and hanged dry.

All PIXI garments are quick-drying so it won’t take long to dry on the line or drying rack.

The TushCush can be washed inside the mesh bag but should be separated for drying.