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Protect Your Peach

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tushcush packs

Compatible with PIXI bottoms only
TushCush Single Pack
TushCush 3-Pack
TushCush 6-Pack
TushCush 9-Pack

what they’re saying

The TushCush definitely helps me to sit more comfortably on the bike. I love that when I finish my ride, I can simply remove the TushCush and I'm able to wear the leggings for the rest of the day.

Danyelle E.

Studio Rider

I am shocked at how comfortable these are… and more importantly, how amazing they make me look! I love having the option to have the added padding (without anyone knowing it's there) and the flexibility to remove it whenever I want.

Kali H.

Studio and Outdoor Rider

The TushCush is totally discreet, and very comfortable and easy to move in (no diaper-like feel as can be the case with other brands)! I also like that the TushCush is removable, so if I want to do a regular work out, I can just take it out really easily and wear the leggings on their own.

Katya V.

Studio Rider